Retribution and Warnings

First, I’d like you to go read this. I’ll wait. Go ahead.

Now I’d like to talk about retribution, logic, reason, and what proper punishment is. Because I’ll tell you, in that article, the only problem I see is that people forced into squalid conditions will eventually try to escape. The only problem I see with that camp is that there isn’t a fence around it. The only issue I have with that camp is that they can leave.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I’d do if someone hurt my daughter or son. I’ve had leisure to think about it, and to think about what I wish my mother and father had done. I don’t blame them, I don’t think they failed me. I just think they could have done more.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m polyamorous. This means at least in theory that I may continue to date after I have children, like my mother did. This, as you regular readers know, is how I met the Monster. So I’ve thought about how to prevent that from happening to my children. How do I stop someone from hurting my children if not through matrimony and emotional bonds?

The first rule I’ve made is that no one will have unimpeded access to my children. I will express my vigilance to the people who will be around my kids, and they will know that I will employ surveillance equipment, intensive questioning, and that I will believe what my children say. I will sleep on the outside of the bed, and I will tell my children in no uncertain terms that So and So is not allowed in their rooms at night when I am not there, and if they ever go into said room, the child should scream until I come.

Finally, we will have a conversation. The conversation will be simple, and it will destroy relationships. It will drive off anyone who intends to hurt my children and serve as a warning to anyone who might be tempted after they’re involved. It will go something like this:

“Please understand that what I’m about to say I need to say to anyone I date, anyone I let into my home, and anyone who I let near my children. The fact that I am saying these things is not a judgment of your character but rather a hard fast rule that I must obey with every unknown quantity that comes into my children’s lives.

I am vigilant against child abuse of any kind, and I will be watchful. I will not ignore signs of abuse, and if my children speak of abuse, I will believe them and you will no longer be allowed in my home or my life once I have sought proof of that abuse. I will watch you. I will wake in the night and check to be sure you are still in the bed with me and I will check my children’s sheets, their pajamas, their bodies and their words. I will be vigilant, and you will not hide from me if you intend to hurt them. I will guard my children against abuse, and I know how to do so because I have been abused.

If I find that you have abused my children; if I fail to be vigilant enough and you manage to rape the innocence of my young, I will never stop destroying your life. I will follow you with word and deed. I will hang up signs in your neighborhood and I will tell every mother near your home what you have done. I will call your workplace. I will follow you to your next workplace when they fire you. I will tell the news. I will tell the courts. I will destroy your life. I will not attack you. I will not assault you. I will not kill you. I will make you wish you were dead.

I will tell everyone we know what you have done. There will be no one who does not know of your crime. I will tell them and I will shout it from the roof until everyone knows what a monster you are. I will call your family. I will tell your mother, your father, your siblings, your friends. I will mow your name into my lawn or burn it there with gasoline. Every car you own for the rest of your life will have “rapist” keyed into the side.

So do not hurt my children. Do not touch my children. Do your utmost to be sure that my children feel safe and comfortable around you, because the impetus of your innocence is on your head. If you cannot abide these things, stay away from my children, and get out of my life. Leave now. If you are here because I have children you can get access to, or if you are angered by what I have said, you can go now, and I will never question which was the truth.

But that is what I will do to you. I will destroy you, brick by brick, and you will beg for death when I am done with you.”

I think that about covers it. Live under a bridge. Live in a tent. Live in fucking squalor surrounded by the depraved ramblings of your own perverse fucking kind. But do not for a second think I will have pity on someone who molests a 12 year old girl or rapes a boy in his cubscout troupe. Because I won’t. Fence them off. Shoot them to the fucking moon. Set them on fire for all I care. Make them eat their own feces. But don’t mistake my rational desire for justice for something that might apply to these monsters, because they are no longer human. They are no longer worthy of justice.


~ by oniongirl13 on June 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Retribution and Warnings”

  1. I can’t even tell you how much I love this post. I especially love the part of the speech you give your potential paramour where you tell him/her that you will key the word rapist into their car. Fantastic. The whole speech, frankly, gives me such a sense of justice. Truly lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this, OnionGirl.

    • I feel like if we just said to each person in our children’s lives, “I will never let you rest if you ever hurt my children” then there would be less child abuse.

      I’m okay with being crazy enough to say it. Maybe my crazy will start to make people think it’s sane.

  2. I was appalled at how much the journalist that wrote that article was buying into the poor me stuff from the sex offenders. They’re living under a bridge because they’re not allowed near schools? Sob sob. I can’t live with my wife and child (who I raped), sob sob. If someone hurt my kid I wouldn’t make them live under a bridge? Who’s he kidding, he’d probably rent the privilege. Sex offenders are currently incurable. They’ll keep on hurting children unless they’re under 24/7 surveillance or locked up or given the death penalty, period. Living under a bridge probably makes them stink enough that they’ll have a harder time getting access to kids, so that’s good. What I want to know is, are they living under bridges because the parole enforcement is so good that they can’t get away with living close to children? If that’s so, then that jurisdiction is doing a great job.

    I’m with you on the keying the car and all that, Oniongirl, although I wouldn’t wait for proof, I’d just believe my kid, period. Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of Survivor Stalking Society that would poster the neighbourhoods of each others abusers and make it impossible for them to hide for the rest of their lives?

    • Yeah. My ability to feel pity for someone ends exactly where their actions against children in a sexual manner begins. Really, honestly, these people could be set on fire and shot to the moon and I would have absolutely no pity. Nothing will ever give back the innocence they took away, and I’d be perfectly happy if sex offenders were just killed out of hand for the good of society.

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