The Rock Cried Out

Remember my last post? All of mine seem to link to the next these days.

After posting about the gospel song, “And the Rock Cried Out ‘No Hiding Place!'”, I decided to do a little digging into my own community. I went to the online registry of sex offenders in my area. You can do the same. Simply go here and enter your town. Their addresses, offenses, and often photographs will be posted. Then you can avoid these people in your town and keep your children away from them.

Here’s the terrifying part. See, a part of me assumes that if you’re a registered sex offender, you likely hide in your basement fapping away to internet porn and not bathing very often. I have this image in my head of these scummy sons of bitches that includes mostly keeping to themselves and being afraid to go out because they’re registered and people can just look them up. What sort of moron would rejoin normal society knowing that their face is on the internet for any old idiot in their town to look up and be on watch for them?

This is what I thought. So I looked up my town, and found a sex offender who lives on my street. Curious, I googled his name to find out what he’d done. His charges said only, “Felonious sexual assault against a minor under 13yo.” 2 charges.

Can you imagine my fucking horror when I entered his name and got sports scores from my college? That’s right. This kid is a star athlete at my college. In my grade year. This pedophile goes to my school, is quoted in our newspaper… I searched diligently for almost an hour and the sadly hilarious thing was, I could find 30 webpages that featured his sports scores, and not a single news story about his offense. I did a little more digging, and confirmed through the school student directory that he was the same person; the address at the registry and the address with the school matched. Now let’s do some math. It is 2008. He was convicted in 2006. He is now a sophmore, which takes 2 years. Am I crazy, or does that look to anyone else like he served no time for 2 counts of felonious sexual assault against a child under 13?

In my digging, I found out something else that was very interesting. There were three other people with his relatively rare and hard to spell name associated with the community. One of them, who is the appropriate age to be his mother and comes from the same nearby town, graduated from my college and has apparently a great deal of pull with four volunteer organizations through the college.

Good to know that nepotism and corruption are alive and well.

I’m sick, shaking, and disgusted. I reported his name to the Campus Safety office, because the person who runs it is a former professor of mine and frankly, won’t stand for any bullshit. I have hopes that she’ll call up his file and that she has resources I have no access to.

If no one else does anything, I’m going to start posting fliers around. Legally, I’m not allowed to print information from the site and deseminate it. But I can print the URL and tell people to start being aware and look up their town. I can let people find out about him on their own. And people will. They’ll pretend they don’t want to know, but everyone has a sick fascination with the criminal element nearby them, even if they don’t have the sense to be concerned. If the school won’t do anything, I will. There will be no fucking hiding place.


~ by oniongirl13 on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “The Rock Cried Out”

  1. Way to go, Oniongirl! Where I live only the police currently have access to the sex offender registry, so I can’t do what you’re doing but I would if I could.

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