Mercy is a show I’ve been watching on Hulu. It’s about an ICU nurse who has some PTSD issues from being in Iraq in the military. It’s about trauma and emotions and raw, painful interactions at times.

This particular episode that I watched last night dealt with child sexual abuse. I suppose I should mention something about spoilers, but really if you’re replying here to yell at me for giving you spoilers, well…

Anyway, the main character, Veronica, has just been through a serious trauma of her own involving a shooting. She is treating an eleven year old girl who comes in with a fever and some serious signs of an infection. Over time she gets a little worse, and they find that it’s gonnorhea that’s  gotten way out of control and spread to her liver. The mother tearfully tells the nurse that four boys from the girl’s school from a higher grade had sex with her, and she’s terribly afraid of what’s happened, etc.

Later that night, the nurse walks in on the little girl beating herself in the stomach with a crutch, trying to hurt herself. She desperately tries to calm her down, and the girl flings herself at a table, still trying to injure her belly where she knows her liver is bad. She sobs something about how she can’t get better, or it will happen again. Veronica grabs her arms to stop her from running into things and hitting herself and says, “What! Tell me what’s wrong, please!”

In the next scene, Veronica walks into the girl’s room, where her mother is sleeping on a cot. She flips the cot over, dumping her on the floor and shouts, “YOU PIMPED YOUR DAUGHTER?!” and proceeds to beat the shit out of her. Slams her against a mirror over the sink and shatters it, knocks her to the floor and kicks her in the stomach, splits her lip all the way to her nose. It’s an ugly, brutal scene. Veronica is powerful, and righteous, and entirely out of control with rage.

On the one hand, it’s not fair or decent to society to advocate for vigilante action. It’s lawless, and dangerous, and it can lead to serious trouble.

But on the other hand, now and then, I wish someone had done that for me.


~ by oniongirl13 on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mercy”

  1. wow. Yes, I wish someone had done that for me too.

  2. I often struggle with the concept of vigilante justice. The truth is, I believe in it, and I wish our law system had some sort of place for vigilante justice in it. I mean, like with the current case where the guy who raped/murdered that teenaged girl, all while he was out on parole for doing the same to another girl.

    I think that most normal people would have a hard time controlling themselves if someone intentionally hurt their child, and yet the law has no place for that.

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