Misanthropic Grocery Shopping

The local grocery store I prefer is open until midnight. Usually I go no earlier than 10:30pm. I wish I could say it was just to flirt with the cute guy who works evenings.

Really, I’m just far more able to cope with the late night crowd. The few sparse misanthropes like me, clad in pajamas with post-work hair and no make up, shuffling along in clogs that look more like slippers. There’s no kids, no parents mismanaging them, no women on cell phones and no men officiously lecturing someone they’re with about how you’re ‘supposed’ to grille.

There are no carts in the aisles, no people to run into as I round a corner, no obnoxious customers standing right in front of what I need for two minutes while I politely clear my throat and try to reach around. No gaggles of high schoolers loudly talking in that we’re-unsupervised-haha way, sharing their in jokes and looking at me sideways because I have the nerve to weigh more than 140lbs.

There are no lines of people sighing and showing me with their posture and body language that their time is more important than mine and I should get out of their way. No one shouts at me to walk faster as I cross the sidewalk. Nobody cares if my hair has gone flat or I’ve changed into comfy house pants.

I like shopping just before midnight. No one there but me and the other misanthropes.


~ by oniongirl13 on February 9, 2012.

One Response to “Misanthropic Grocery Shopping”

  1. Me too. I used to go in the middle of the night and then the store wasn’t open all night and closed earlier and eariler. Now it closes at eleven pm. I hate that.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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