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When I started this blog just a few months back, it was just a wee thing. Now I have more regular hits than I ever expected to have, and I’ve gotten quite a few comments.

Most of these comments are positive. To those of you who are regular readers and whose blogs I read, I am really gifted to know you and I’m glad to see everything you have to say. The women and men that have posted here about all the various things I’ve written about are amazing and insightful, and I’ve enjoyed all the commentary.

I have, however, gotten my fair share of useless, painful, rude, or incendiary comments. I have had people post to this blog expressing the point of view of a child molester and touting it proudly. I have seen comments where some depraved lunatic tells me that as a child of eleven, I “had it coming”, and because I am mentally ill, they don’t trust a thing I say anyway. The irony there is that if I wanted to lie about myself, then I wouldn’t talk about those aspects of my life, and… I’d be more trustworthy?

The fact is, those comments don’t have a place here. This is a place of introspection, support, and healing. And word to the wise, wordpress doesn’t let you auto-post comments. Comments generally must be approved by the blog owner. So in most cases, any negative comments can’t really see the light of blog, so to speak.

I don’t tolerate bullshit comments, and sick crap just doesn’t fly with me, nor do I even really register it beyond going, “Oh look, someone to report to WordPress for violating the terms of usage!”

So be civil, be decent, or go elsewhere.

Thanks for reading.

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